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M*RKologie’s Motivation Mondays


    M*RKologie’s Motivation Mondays

  3. 2 years ago 

    Tappin’ That Ass [Poem]

    I don’t usually share these cuz they are a bit…raunchy. But this is my fav poem I’ve written thus far… I guess it wasn’t meant to be You and me So if you and her Is what you prefer Then … Continue reading

  5. 2 years ago 

    Google Set For World Domination – Privacy Policy Woes [Talking Net]

    Did I call it or did I call it? I mean, come on… If you follow me on Twitter (@stacyannhayles) you would have heard me say a million times that Google is out to dominate the world – and with … Continue reading

  7. 2 years ago 

    Three Questions To Eliminate All Unnecessary Arguments [Personal Development]

    I may or may not have been called ‘argumentative’ in the past. I may or may not have engaged in a Twitter rant or two. I may or may not have been threatened to be stabbed up with a scissors … Continue reading

  9. 2 years ago 

    ‘The Innovators’ Review – An Entrepreneur Must-Watch

    So TVJ started this new programme on Sunday evenings called The Innovators. It’s supposed to be a show for entrepreneurs, like myself, so I decided to give it a look-see. How It Works – The hosts of the show are Gary … Continue reading

  11. 2 years ago 

    Rihanna & Chris Brown FTW!

    Maaaaan…. Twitter is blowing up right now! All day I’ve been talkin’ about Rihanna and Chris Brown and their ability to keep the  public talking and they at it again! This time with a song that literally sounds like there … Continue reading

  13. 2 years ago 

    Blinded By The ‘Faith’ Christians (And Why We Don’t Get Along)

    I am agnostic. Let me just get that out there. For those unclear about agnosticism, it’s like this. It’s not that I don’t believe in God or that he exists. And I don’t think people are wrong for believing in … Continue reading

  15. 2 years ago 

    Why Is The World Telling Me Happy Valentine’s?

    Listen, people, listen… I know that before you even start to read this you’re all going like ‘Oh, another bitter one here to denounce the significance of Valentine’s Day because she ain’t got a man.’ STOP. Stop right there! This … Continue reading

  17. 2 years ago 

    On Being ‘Unique’

    Have you ever noticed that being ‘unique’is in style these days? I mean, everybody wants to be individualistic and do something ‘different’. They go so far that they will choose the different approach even when they don’t want to. Just … Continue reading

  19. 2 years ago 

    Ode To Self Love

    This is an ode to self love My eyes look up above Roll over in my head Tryna figure if I’m dead But nah, it’s just pure ecstasy I’m giving into me And if you wanna see You gonna have … Continue reading

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